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  1. I have been compiling events in Newport by date in a day-by-day book tentatively called Today in Newport History. I also am indexing each event by subject and name. The chief sources are Newport Mercury Almanac which had events of the previous year. Often the old items have inappropriate labels “colored”, “Irish”.”Italian”, “Chinese”, but these labels allow the historical events to be located. An African-American historical site I queried about this praised my endeavor to locate African-American events in newpapers and almanacs using this approach.
    Your work might be interested in my collecting what I could find about African-Americans in newpaper reports in Newport. I started a small chapbook listing my events with some personal drawings of mine.A technical error halted its publication which I planned to print only five to ten for local distribution.
    This Comment square does not accept paste in text so I will try also.

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