Point Neighborhood

Easton’s Point or what is commonly called today “the Point” is one of Newport’s oldest neighborhoods and has one of the highest concentrations of 18th century homes and structures in America. The Point is bounded by Washington Street, Farewell Street and America’s Cup Blvd. African heritage persons have lived in this historic neighborhood since colonial times.

Mouse over the dots for examples of who lived in this neighborhood.

Mrs. Nichols - 42 Poplar Isaac Romes - 31 Poplar James Palmer - 33 Poplar Cambridge Gardner - 19 3rd St Samuel Richards -30 Poplar Andrew Loman - 28 Poplar Rev. Richard Vaughan - Fourth and Elm Arlington Denight -Fourth and Elm Louis Walker Transportation - 13 Bridge St Armstead Hurley Storage - 3/5 Bridge St. Anthony Fisher - 29 Thames James Williams - 48 Thames Charles and Mary Fullman -115 Thames Charles and Willliam Harris - 146 Thames