Levin Street/Bath Road Neighborhood

The Levin Street and Bath Road (Present day Memorial Blvd.) Neighborhood is bounded by Mill, Edgar, William, and Thames Street. The neighborhood had the city’s largest concentration of African American owned homes and businesses.

Mouse over the dots for examples of who lived in this neighborhood.

Elizabeth Canavan - 90/92 William Mrs. Frances Thorne Barclay - 97 Levin William Stanley Braithwaite - 128 Prospect Hill Dr. Marcus Wheatland - 84 John St Rev. Mahlon Van Horne - 47 John St Isaac Rice - 24 Thomas Ester Brinley - 73 Levin John Gaskins Billiard Saloon - 44 Levin Jonas Elias - 40 Levin Thomas Williams - 31 Levin Holly Tree Coffee House - 20/22 Franklin

Levin Street – Past and Present