Historic Hill Neighborhood

The Historic Hill Neighborhood bounded by Touro, Bellevue, Spring and Mill Street, is one of Newport’s oldest neighborhoods and contains a large number of 18th and 19th century homes, places of worship and social gathering buildings. The city’s first African heritage congregation (Union Colored Congregational Church originated in the neighborhood in 1824.

Mouse over the dots for examples of who lived in this neighborhood.

Dr. Harriet Rice - 33 Spring Mrs. Edward O. Nelson - 62 Mill Shiloh Baptist Church - 25 School St Isaac Babcock - 15 School St. Alexander Jack House - 49 Mill (moved from Levin St) John Mowatt - 77 Division Union Congregational Church - 49 Division Armstead Hurley - 42 Division Dr. Alonzo Van Horne - 12 Division Dr. Daniel Smith - 29 Mary JT Allen Touro Dining Room - 29 Touro