Bellevue – Top of the Hill Neighborhood

The Bellevue Avenue/Top of the Hill Neighborhood is bounded by Kay, Bellevue, Greenough & Bath Road (Memorial Blvd in the present day). The neighborhood is characterized with a large number of boarding houses and transient guest homes that catered to the summer workforce and visitors that supported Newport’s vibrant Gilded Age economy. The Bellevue Avenue section contain service businesses that directly catered to the summer colony.

Mouse over the dots for examples of who lived in this neighborhood.

Thomas Brown - 22/24 Catherine Thomas Glover Boarding House - 26 Brinley Nolan Boarding House - 24 Brinley Glover Boarding House - 7/9 Filmore Mrs. Nellie Brown - 26 Filmore Richard B. King - 7 Guinn Court Nellie Brown Boarding House - 21/23 Brinley Nellie Brown Rest Home Andrew Tabb - 28 Edgar Court Abraham Ash - 12 Edgar Court Richard Church- Edgar Court near Bath Road Julius Decatur - 6 Deblois William James - 4 Deblois Francis Gerad - 2 Deblois Mary Dickerson Dressmaking - 6 Travers Block Benjamin Burton Express Service - 4 Travers Block John Jackson - Bath Road (Memorial) & Bellevue Fred E. Williams Confectionary - 148 Bellevue Touro Chapel/Touro Block - 126 Bellevue Downing Block - 100/122 Bellevue