West Broadway Neighborhood

The West Broadway Neighborhood is bounded by Clinton, Warner, Broadway and Washington Square. Then as is today, the neighborhood served as the gateway to downtown commerce and waterfront activities. The area included city hall, hospital, Army & Navy YMCA, and scores of service businesses that catered to the needs of locals and visitors.

Mouse over the dots for examples of who lived in this neighborhood.

Jacob Dorsey - 14 Warner George T. Barclay - 22 Broadway Mrs. Eliza Cantebury - 41 Broad (Broadway) Daniel Dixon - 39 Broadway Robert Gill - 9 Caleb Earl George Triplett - 14 Pond Ave Elridge/Fayerweather - 14 Pearl Nancy Elridge - 29 Spruce (Kingston) Joseph Ray - 30 Kingston DB Allen - 15 Heath St. Albert Gaines - 14 Johnson Court Henry  George Johnson - Spruce (Kingston) & Johnson Court Old AME Church - 3 Johnson Court Hannah Wormley - Spruce (Kingston) & Warner Mrs. James Burney - 24 Clinton